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[AbT mE]ballerina
[AbT mE]pianist
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And say hello, little did I know

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He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
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I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes

Oh, oh, oh, oh
'Cause we were both young when I first saw you

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yo! Went out with Jarrod today. Actually, I planned to go to Jo's house in the afternoon and then meet him at night but I was very shagged (after going out for consecutive 3 days:/). And omg, I just heard (from the news) that insufficient sleep will lead to obesity! :S

Recalling - I slept at near 3am yesterday. I was so tired that I fell asleep with my specs on, thinking to get a nap first. Haha. I didn't notice that until the next morning when I realised that my blanket was on my pillow, which is under my head. LOL! Oh, and my dad nearly squashed my specs cos I put it on my bed instead of the table beside it. Lol.

Anyway, as I was saying.... Jarrod, thanks for the treat!:) Watched the Max Payne after that. The graphics were good. Yups. Dance seemed to be our topic 'cos half the time, we were on the topic DANCE, especially hiphop. Haha. By the way, I couldn't recognise him today. Lol. Oh, my mum and my aunt thought I went out with my boyfriend, simply cos I'm wearing a dress. -.-

Yups, I promised an update on the surprise besties gave. So initially, I met up with XJ and Liyan. Later on, Leonita surprised me with 4 HSM3 movie tickets! I was stunned to see her! It'd been ages since we met! And ain't it sweet? They actually booked the tickets the day before! Awww! And yups, the movie was good. Very romantic. Haha. During the movie, Leonita kept admiring her Troy Bolton. Actually...... he's quite cute! Haha!

Anyway, met up with Hazel and Ben at Pizza Hut after the movie. And guess what Ben, Hazel, Liyan, XJ, and Leonita (and Pizza Hut?) shocked me when the whole Pizza Hut 'blacked-out' for a while and they started to sing Happy Birthday song and bringing in a CAKE! I was so touched! Tears came rolling down my cheeks immediately. I didn't expect anything like this, in fact, I thought a meet-up will be just great. But that's really sweet of them! Awww...! Thank you guys for making my day! I love your! xoxo.


XJ gave me this pair of earings! haha. And I think she got the identical one for herself too! Haha.

Ben gave me these earings (HAND-MADE). So sweet right! hahah.

Highlight of the day, Besties made this. It's HUGE and full of memories. Thanks peeps!

As you can see, these few days had been a blast for me.

Thanks for those who wished me happy birthday. Trust me, the feeling is great, especially when it's someone whom I didn't expect them to remember. Thanks again, I feel so loved. Haha.

Thanks all the NPDS peeps for the wonderful present and day you guys had made.

Thanks besties and my secondary school mates and my fellow dance mates for the presents and wishes. I love them so much. Thanks alot! Oh my, I feel so blessed. With great friends around, I feel so fortunate. Okay wait a min, I AM blessed with great peeps around! Hahah. Alrighty. Enough of those thank-you-s. I shall start printing my notes for tml's lectures!:D

Sherlyn :: 11:04:00 PM

Dancesport peeps are loves.

They're just so sweet. I'm lovin them, as always. No words can explain how much I love them. They gave me a surprise party last thurs and even asked me to sign on my own present. haha! The moment they switched off the lights, I was like 'Oh gosh, I can't believe what I'm seeing.' Luckily, Boon Boon didn't smash the cake onto my face cos he was holding the cake with one hand and pushing me towards the cake at the same time. LOL.

Those hugs were so heart-warming, especially when Mich hugged me from behind. That's sooo sweet! And not forgetting Boon Boon singing and playing the birthday song on the guitar! Yay, he said he's gonna teach me guitar! So is Don. Heh heh. I love them so so much!

JunJie, Boon Boon, me!

This is the card that they gave. So sweet right?

This is the guitar they gave! Messages at the back! Awwww!

(From the top left)JunJie, Boon Boon, Mich, Don, ShuTian, Ner, Me, YiJia. My eyes looked so dead cos I just cried before that. I'm soo touched! Thanks peeps!

This year, my birthday had been a blast. I mean, what more can you expect if you had 2 surprises(one from NPDS, another from my besties!) and huge cards MADE by them. As what I'd always believed, its the thought that counts:) Anyway, I'll update tml about the surprise besties gave! (If I got those pictures, that is) Ciao!

Sherlyn :: 1:04:00 AM

Friday, October 24, 2008

YAY! Thanks fellow NPDS(Ngee Ann Dancesports) peeps, esp Don and Kah Hao - organisers, for today's surprise party! Thanks for the extra large card and the cake and the GUITAR! I still can't believe that I was tricked to sign on the guitar, which I thought it was for Jolin. haha. Anyhow, I was really touched. Thanks for all the hugs and wishes. I'm glad that I joined Dancesports and most imptly, meeting you guys here! Thanks, thanks and more thanks. I love you guys!:)

Oh, and hmmm, I fell down today during dance. haha. It was hilarious. Lol. 'Cos the floor was really slippery so while I was dancing Jive, I couldn't balance myself and fell. My elbow is kinda reddish now but not very painful though. Haha.

Lol, Ryan just called me to sing Happy Birthday song to me. LOL! Okays, I shall be turning in. Hiphop tml! Yay! hahaha. Goodnight peeps!:)

Sherlyn :: 12:42:00 AM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think I'm getting sick, I'd been feeling weak these days. Or rather, I'm ALREADY sick. Flu and sore throat. I think I might be getting fever soon. Hopefully not.
Had dance today. I was kinda weak and probably lack of stamina or worse, asthma! Okay, that's exaggeration. But then again, I feel kind of breathless after dancing Jive.:O
And OMG, Brandon! He scared me with the vampire kinda look la. omg, I'm not kidding, it's so damn scary la.

Oh by the way, I'M NOT WORKING FOR THIS COMING FRIDAY TO MONDAY! Yay! Their system was kinda screwed up so Lina, Angel and I decided not to work since they over-hired too many staffs. But I hope they'll give us our pay for last friday and saturday!

Sherlyn :: 12:07:00 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ho ho ho! Just came back from dinner with my family. We went somewhere named Dempsey road and dined at Jumbo. I must say that their services are excellent and the food there were superlicious. The staffs there were very attentive. Yups. But I think the price was a little steep. Though my parents think that it's reasonable but I still feel bad for spending their money. And I think my parents must have spent a lot today cos they were celebrating my birthday today, in advance.

Poor me, I'm working on my birthday! OMG. But But But, you guys can find me @ Expo next Friday to Monday! haha. I'll encourage people who wants to buy fridge and washing machine to come. *Hinthint!* haha. But yeah, I was just joking though. Anyways, I hope the economic crisis wouldn't affect much of my sales!

Okays, I think I should be off doing my Microeconomics and Business Statistic tutorials!
P.s. Yay! I wana go shopping AGAIN! :D

Oh by the way, Mum and Bro baked some cheesecake yesterday and my younger brother went to decorate it with the xiao xiong bing gan (some biscuit shaped like a bear) and Oreo biscuit. lol.

Sherlyn :: 11:06:00 PM

Friday, October 17, 2008

YAY! Guess what? I managed to take up hiphop as my sports and wellness module! I'm so lucky cos there were only 2 slots left when I reached the LT. And and and Liyana and Chee Siang are in hiphop too! Double yayness!

On top of that, I'll be working tml and throughout the weekends next week! which is friday, saturday, sunday and monday! This would mean that I'll be earning more $$ to spend!
But the thing is, I feel like I'm having no life at all! I'll be working on my bdae itself which is so sad. And now, I gotta settle ALL my tutorials. Oh my.. I promise I will not work throughout this semester already. Just one last time, I hope I wouldn't over-worked myself. *pray hard*

So for now, I shall settle ALL my tutorials before I got no time to complete them! Bye! By the way, below are those pictures we took on Thursday. :D


Alex! He looks cute in this picture. haha!



Sherlyn :: 10:11:00 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh my, I'm in a state of confusion now. I'd got so many things to do and for some goddamnit reasons, I seem to be taking ages to get myself organised these few days. I'm like so stressed up by all the stuffs and I didn't even printed out my lecture notes for tml. WTH. Luckily my lesson tml starts at 11am so at least I have some time to settle the stuffs.

And damnit, I still have the outreach(giving talks or whatever it is) thingy for some secondary school students tml. As if I don't have enough stuffs to handle now. Oh my, where's my oh-so-perfect time management?! Damndamndamn. Yeah, I know swearing and cursing doesnt help. But still..... damn. Wish me luck tml then. Hai..

Anyway, dance today was amazing. At last, I got to have time to practise with my partner. And yes, formation routine was great. I especially love the last part. And we got so happy when we had the steps right. haha! Anyways, pictures speak a thousand words. So yeah, pictures below. Taken: On Des' farewell.

The juniors!
P.s. FYI, I was wearing office wear cos I was working on that day. haha. yups.

I'm lazy to caption them. And I'm like eating some kuey now, just realised that I didn't have dinner just now before dance. Oh my, I'm so confused now. VERY. Dont know what to do. :S Okay fine, I shall get started with what I want to say tml during outreach. Hopefully Syahid and I have the time to rehearse everything tml. :S

Sherlyn :: 12:04:00 AM

Monday, October 13, 2008

damnit. f*ck. Why do I even have to care about it. Why am I so affected by that jerk. Arghh. I just feel so damn angry for dont know what reason. damnit damnit. I don't know what got into me but I'm just .... pissed. I'm left with handling all those nonsense. great. Now, how am I to do on Thursday? And what about that jerk? Selfish. Its about time to clear up whatever shit caused. Stop stoning... Its over. Excuses excuses excuses are all I heard, what inexperience all that shit, but that doesn't mean not to treasure. damn. Just my luck.

Okay, enough of those stuffs. As you can see/read, my first day of school wasn't really well. I admit that I'm suay. But yeah, thanks Qai and Matt, I think I'll be fine. Anyway, I don't feel like continue blogging already.
Nights peeps.

Sherlyn :: 11:23:00 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ballet-ed today!
Don't know why, I can't seem to do turns. I guess I need to train up my legs. Too wobbly :S Anyway, I got so scared today when one of my dance friend nearly fainted after class. Low blood. Yes, my fellow low blood friend. I can finally see the scary part of low blood-ers. Her lips literally went purple and her whole face was really white. :S

Waited for my cousin after ballet class. Went out together with my family and her family. haha. We went to bugis. and omg, I met ALOT of my friends there. Serious. I met Geraldine (she blowed my hair the moment she saw me. Such a weird way to say hello. haha!), Shiaster (my work mate), Tim and his gf, and finally Pin. haha. It's such a coincidence.

Anyway, I talked to my cousin about quite a lot of stuffs. We had some girls talk. haha. About some jerks we met and how great some guys were. And it made me realise that I'd made the right decision to remain single. Yes, I know my friends are all supporting me. Thanks guys. That's really sweet(: I feel so blessed with great friends and family:)

Yayness. School starts tml and so is my shopping spree. Gonna go Bugis with XJ tml to shop! Yay! *Excited* hahaha. I'm so happy that I'll be able to get my pay on wed! hahaha. YAY! I can't wait. And I'm gonna treat my parents sometime next week. hahah. yay yay yay!

Sherlyn :: 10:28:00 PM

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello! I'm BACK.
I'd been really tired these few days. Had been going home at 11plus, 12 for the past 5 days. Wednesday was even worse. I reached home at 1.30am. But it was all worth it. FYI, we went to send Des off at the airport. His flight was freaking late. He checked in at around 12. Yups. He was like the SUPERSTAR there. I bet there's around 30plus people sending him off.

But then again, I missed him! He's like so unique, so ON, so friendly, so funny etc etc. I can say that he is one of the best seniors I'd ever had. No kidding. haha. Don's kinda heard enough of that cos I kept telling him that on thurs during work. Haha. And he said that he's gonna replace Des' place to bully me. Right...

Des:'Must cam-whore more next time k!' hahah. Oh yes, I haven't upload the pictures I took the other time round at Jo's house. I'll get them on tues! I can't wait. haha.

I'm really tired now. Was working for the whole of today cos I really feel very bad, leaving my supervisor all the stuffs. :X No choice. I'm so gonna treat my parents tml! haha. And I think they're gonna treat me next week as an early birthday dinner. Yay! Dance tml! :D

Sherlyn :: 11:02:00 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hello! Sorry for not blogging for the past few days. Been busy with work and dance and piano and basically everything. BUT also not forgetting to set aside time for FRIENDS! Yups. As I was saying, I slacked for the whole of Saturday cos my parents don't really allow me to go out. They wanted me to rest at home. Haha. Oh, and I suspect that I'm having low blood. Well, that's what my parents thought too.

Anyhow, I went to meet Zane and Angel after my ballet class on Sunday. Shopped around Junction 8 and after that, we went to AMKhub. Coincidentally, my family went there too. And yups, we did saw them there. haha. What a great company they are (esp the part when Angel kept spilling liquids). haha. I shall not elaborate so much here! It's kinda obscene. LOL. Anyway, PICTURES!

P.s. Zane, you're looking so dao in these 2 pictures la. ACT. haha!

Cam-whoring at SWENSENS! We made a lot of noise. ESP the part where Angel spills the water. haha!


Aww, Angel you cannot AAA in this picture already. Inside joke. haha.

Cheers! omg, I cant wait for the new sem to come! hahah.

Sherlyn :: 12:14:00 AM

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh my.. He's AMAZING. Also check out his song 'Do You Even Know'. omg, I suddenly feel like buying a guitar. haha! DON, teach me((:

Sherlyn :: 2:12:00 PM

Friday, October 03, 2008


OMG, tell you something. I nearly fainted on the MRT today. SERIOUS. No kidding. I was having cramps/stomach ache or whatever it is. The pain was so intense that I felt my head being COMPRESSED and went NUMB. I felt the pressure on my head and I was like struggling to breathe. And the scary part is, I couldn't barely SEE. I was having double vision. Just when I was like on the verge of giving up supporting myself, this very nicenicenice lady in front of me offered me a seat. I hesitant for a while, wondering if she's really offering her seat to me cos I couldn't see her gesture and everything. All I saw was the empty seat in front of me. Nobody went to sit down so I supposed that everyone on the train were looking at me or something, else someone would have taken the seat, right? Anyway, I sat down and mouthed 'Thank You' (I don't know why, no sound came out of my mouth then) to the lady. She's a nice person, I bet if she didn't offer me a seat, you'll see me on the floor in a few minutes time. In fact, I was thinking of how would I faint, like which direction will I fall towards. Was kind of doing preparation cos I really couldn't support myself though I was holding the handle so tightly. Felt much better after taking the seat. Oh my.. It was really frightening experience. I got a scare and thinking that maybe it's because I did not have my breakfast, I went to buy macs to bring to my office to eat. OMG. SCARY.:S

Anyway, on a lighter note, I'm glad that we had 2 appointments done today which means that I only need to have 2 more appointments to go! So... If you're a high net worth individual who have at least USD 500,000 of net investible assets and you're above 45 years old, I NEED YOU.

Oh my oh my, I'm working for the whole of next week:( No choice:( Unless I can request to work at home which I think is highly impossible because one, they'll leave a bad impression of me; two, I need to have a super uber good excuse; three, I couldn't bare to leave my supervisor handling the project on her own.
Oh, I got my pay yesterday.:D happy happy.((:

Sherlyn :: 10:02:00 PM

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I was deprived of the usage of the Internet because I'd been coming home late these few days and when I'm home, my brother's using the it. :S

Anyway, I went to Joseph's house on Monday after my work. NPDS BBQ(: But I feel like it's more of the cam-whoring for some of us. haha. I shall post those pictures up asap!(: And I must really say that Des is very good at photography. He took most of the pictures. The angle was just nice. And he got so hyped up tou pok-ing Zhi Xing. lol. Played truth or dare and with Des around, he'll come up with the wackiest dare. Kissing, guy-to-guy :O Anw, he's leaving soon for attachment. Saded. And of cos, what's a bbq without alcohol, but I didn't drink much though. Anyway, I stayed until around 1am because I was waiting for my dad to fetch me and I realised that I should have stayed over-night. Damn.

Yups. So on Tuesday, I went for dance. Jive at 04-09 = disastrous. It's so freaking hot there cos the aircon wasn't working at one end of the studio. :S Jive. Couldn't really do the turn thingy. PRACTISE!! :S Had formation class after Jive. Did alot of lifts and drops which is pretty fun, okay except for the part when I fall, but ... it's inevitable. Yups. Went to Clementi to makan after that. Oh, and thanks Ryan for the earings! That's really sweet of you(: P.s. If you're looking at this, sorry if I looked fierce that day but I'm not angry dey. Chill chill.(:

Sherlyn :: 10:52:00 PM

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