[Name] Sherlyn
[Age] 16
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[EgG-CrAcK] 24 oct(:
[AbT mE]ballerina
[AbT mE]pianist
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And say hello, little did I know

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Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes

Oh, oh, oh, oh
'Cause we were both young when I first saw you

Thursday, June 26, 2008

o.O i just realised tht i havent been blogging since monday! opps!

well, anws, i was really REALLY busy these few days. so many things to do now. and i'd been staying in sch until 9plus everyday. tues was even worse. i stayed in sch til 11plus. by the time i reached home, its alr 12. and im like supposed to do up 2 presentations for the next day. and its really irritating la cos we din have our presentation on th next day for duno-what reason. den wht i did the night b4 was a waste of my effort. urghh. fyi, im having dance prac everyday since monday. so yeah. my standard slping time these few days are 2plus. and i only slpt for 5plus hrs.

whats worse than tht whn i have to do my tutorials and i currently have like 3 projects at hand. with all the datelines to meet, i think i m gg nuts. and i still have my comp this sat. nvm, i shall take it easy. cos i dont think i can win anything for my comp. i just wana go thr for experience(: yups.

ooh, and we gt back our papers alr. results were generally okay. its just tht i think i can do better in BLAW if i had studied the 2 contract law chapters in detail. okay, anw, we bought a cake for zhi xian on tues to celebrate his bdade on sat. lols. yups. pictures are below!

yeah man! i think our class rocks! hopefully we can get into the same class next sem(:

Sherlyn :: 1:23:00 AM

Monday, June 23, 2008

hey guys!

okay, so sch's starting in like 8plus hours time! and jia you for those who're having their common test ltr(: and oso for those who're getting their results, GOODLUCK!(: okay, so i met up with 2 of my frens today. and i think they gt the telepathy lah! they wore the same colour polo tee and the same design shoes. haha. damn gay loh. and as usu, being the easy target, i gt shot by them. hai...

anws, i bought my dance costume alr! and im like so happy lah! its like FINALLY, i bought it. sometimes i just hate myself for who i am. its okay for some if you dont get wht i meant. but well, i will just have to be contented with wht i have(:
wells, just a random qns. which specs suits me better? lol. tag on my tagboard! cos i was thinking of getting a new specs. so yups. suggestions guys!(:

choice no.1!

choice no.2!

yupsyups. oh, and another congrats to ryan aka bob for being the first for fencing group comp. lols. not to deny, he's really good at fencing!(: yupyupyup, i think i shld rest now. have been feeling so slpy these few days. *yawns* a long week ahead.. okayy, bye guys! last but not least, a picture to end my post!:D

Sherlyn :: 12:39:00 AM

Saturday, June 21, 2008

hello !

went to support ryan aka bob the builder's fencing match[or whtever you call it] at clementi sports complex ytd.(: yups. congrats ryan! he gt 2nd place!:D i think he can chg his occupation to fencing instead of construction. hehe. oh yeah, and we oso created quite a few cheers for ourselves. ben, you better use the cheer we come up with okay! (: anws, went for buffet at sakae sushi aft tht. saw kitto and sally thr. (:

aft tht, we went far east to shop for my dance costume. sry guys, i was like emoing the whole night. i really dont like shopping at far east for duno-whtever reason. and i cant find the ideal costume tht i wanted. i gt so frustrated finding all the stuffs so i started calling my seniors, friends and even teacher sharon for help. thanks guys for helping me and oso jx and jack. lol. i know i was really quiet ytd night. cos i had a lot of things in my mind. yups. okay, so ytd's pic!

on the bus. jx's smile is so fake lar! :X

haha! ryan!:D

ryan's kuku face. lols.

jx's trying to show off his dimple. LOL.

once again, CONGRATS RYAN! i shall keep these pics. next time i can sell it at high price. lols! oh, and ryan actually believed tht we bought along ponpon to support him. haha! gullible eh! and he really thought we prepared like 10 cheers for him. but then again, i think we gt quite a few of cheers for him alr. lols. we can use it during baoc'09 and red camp. hhehehe.

Sherlyn :: 11:37:00 AM

Friday, June 20, 2008


look at the time now. i shld be gg to slp soon. cos i havent gt a proper slp since monday. i had envoys camp on mon to wed btw. and i din slp for the whole of tues night cos i will sure be the clown cos of BEN. he's gg ard aiming to draw at other ppl who's slping. hehe. yups. so i stayed in sch aft camp to prac dance. and i had no idea y my butt hurts aft the camp. my upper tights muscle hurts too. okay, tht i can understand. but butts.... uhm, a bit weird. lol.

anws, went out for dinner with npds seniors on wed. and i think i made the wrong decision of gg for dinner with them instead of gg back home with jw they all. cos i gt suan-ed like no one's business lar. huuur` theyre just so bad. but no worries, i shall proclaim allies with richard and the tarzan ppl. hehehe.

anws, i went for dance prac today too. and to my surprise, i saw zixiang. lols. i thought he told me he's not gonna come today! okay, maybe i din hear properly. but o wells, zixiang left half way thro so i contd dancing with jia hao. left the studio at ard 11 today. i cant believe im so hard-working today. stayed until so late at night. LOL.

oh yeah ! the tickets for the competition ! its on the 28th june which is nxt sat ! its priced at 20bucks for students and 30bucks for adults. its from 2.30 to 9.30. buffet will be provided. it you want the tickets, pls msg me or tag on my tagboard or email me kay! my email add - pls tell me asap kay!:D and i will be performing! heheh.

oh and for the videos for dance camp, i shall try to upload it asap. and oso the pictures of the envoys camp are on matherine's blog.(: yupsyups. i will be VERY VERY busy these few days. so yups. wont be updating my blog frequently. sorry guys!

Sherlyn :: 1:51:00 AM

Sunday, June 15, 2008

just a note...!

pictures section updated!:D

Sherlyn :: 4:28:00 PM


so i went out with jack, ben, jx and hannah today(: met jack earlier in the aftnoon and went orchard to shop. yups. caught up with a lot of stuffs. and thanks dear, for not asking anything abt the jacket thingy. cos i really dont wana talk abt it.

im not in very good terms with my parents these few days. i mean like they nagged everytime i go out with my frens. but its HOLIDAYS now. hello, i dont wana stay at home everyday during hols! and yes, i know i havent been home for quite a number of days. but then, tht was CAMP. its diff from gg out with frens right? and i need to get my stuffs! like srsly, its GSS now. it like the best time to buy the stuffs tht i want. y cant i even have my own time to go shopping? urghh. and they always find fault in me lah. i mean whtever i do, they're not pleased. c'mon, i did wht you told me to and yet you scolded me. wth. its so unfair lah, y they wont nag my bro for gg out and staying out late at night? this is so unfair. its 2 now and yet my bro is still not home yet. y dont they scold him or sth? y everytime i go out, my curfew will be like 11? im damn pissed off now. since they're showing me tht kinda attitude, i wont give "face" to them. and i dont even think i did anything wrong. i need my own time. and im not even using a single cent from them lah. im like using my own savings to buy for all my stuffs now. URGHH.

okay forget abt tht, i dont wana say anymore. it really spoils my day. anws, jx, ben and hannah met us ltr at ard 5 to go bugis to shop. i bought 3 pairs of earings cos i dropped one side of my earings today. haha. but it was really cheap lah, 3 pairs for only 5bucks. lol. and they all were like shooting me for saying the black is too black. and i think we bought entertainment to the bag shop lady. lol. so, these are the pictures we took today!:D

kk, i think i shall go and slp alr. im down with sore throat now. like tht how to go for envoys camp this coming monday to wed! hai! but no worries, i will cheer as loud as possible!:D

Sherlyn :: 1:48:00 AM

hello guys!

yes, i know you're waiting for me to blog right....? hahas! yups. so here am i to update my life! sooo, as you can see below, those are the pics i took during my msia trip last weekends. it was boring tho. luckily i bought along my laptop. was cs-ing with my bro from day to night. and also watching disney channel! haha !

so yups. i ate the durians there too! it was really nice and sweeet! and the sui ong there was nice too. i din know my uncle had the sui ong tree tho its just outside his house. lol. yups. so we went to eat the prata near my grandma's hse and oso the noodles. it was very tasty(: but we 4gt the chendol! hai..

these grandma's and uncle's dogs btw(: theyre really cute lar. dont worry, they wont bite.(: or at least not to me cos im just too nice to them:D

xiao bai!

the 10+years old dog. gobi! hahas.

maggi, i think.. lol. thts wht the maid called it. hehe.

taken outside my uncle's hse.(:

dogs mingling with neighbours' dogs. lol.

ahhh! dogs in the hse! btw, we dont normally allow dogs in the hse. they slp outside. hahas!


look at the scenery! its beautiful!:D

see the clouds? its soooo nice! heheh.

did you spot the chicken? its not really obvious tho. hahas!

cam-whoring in my room !

my decent look. hahahaha.

yups. end of pics! so aft returning from msia, the very next day, i went for my dance camp. it was fun and boring at times. lols. we learnt new genres of latin dance(: oh, and we stayed at kismis. its really cool lar. we gt a flat to ourselves and BEDS and AIR-CON and washing machine and oven. cool right? heheh.

Sherlyn :: 12:33:00 AM

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